Ionian winds and weather for sailing

You have already chosen Ionian islands for your sailing vacation, but the truth is that you don’t know much about the weather or thesailing conditions. Read beloaw some interesting information about the magnificent Ionian sea and its weather.

Early in the morning – especially near North Corfu and in the Corfu Channel, a dense fog may reduce visibility to about ½ mile. The afternoon sun will soon burn it off.  Be aware of possible violent gusts on the leeward side of the islands due to high land, for instance the eastern coastlines of Ithaca and Zakinthos. The Maistro fair-weather-wind(Maistros or Maestral) is the usual breeze in July and August. This pleasant north-west wind rises in the afternoon and usually dies at sunset. Clouds near the summits act as a tell-tale for the stronger version.

In early and late season the Maistro is less developed and sometimes fails to blow. At this time depressions may cross the area, which will often bring strong to gale force southerlies that can abruptly swing around to strong northerlies.

Less frequent are the westerly winds (moderate to strong) off the west and south Peloponnese coast. Early in the evening katabatic windscould develop off the high mainland mountains usually from the north-east, possible reaching 6 Bft (25 knots) and lasting 2 to 3 hours. Strong southerlies could turn to the north possibly increasing in strength as well. In the spring – not later than May – the Scirocco or Sirocco – another southern wind – can bring humid heat and the red sand of the Sahara. The humidity often results in low stratus clouds.

Contact our Mediterra yachts team of experts in sailing in order to be fully informed about the winds and weather in Ionian sea, if you are planning a sailing vanation in Ionian islands this year.

Infos from Sailing Issue.