Mediterra Yachts: "It's a way of living"

25 years of experience


The Ancient Greeks called the Mediterranean simply 'the Sea' or sometimes 'the Great Sea', 'Our Sea', or 'the sea around us'. The Romans called it Mare Magnum 'Great Sea' or Mare Internum 'Internal Sea'.

It means 'in the middle of land, inland' in Latin, a compound of medius 'middle', terra 'land, earth' and -āneus 'having the nature of'. The Latin word is a calque of Greek μεσόγαιος 'inland', from μέσος 'in the middle' medi and γήϊος 'of the earth' terra. (from γῆ 'land, earth'). Mediterra is our name.

We, Mediterra Yachts shareholders, are a family, driven by our love for the sea. We carefully selected our vessels in order to provide our guests with a unique solution that combine the beauties that lie within the Ionian sea, the luxury accommodation of our high end yachts and of course the choice to travel and explore at the same time. Mediterra Yachts is founded by two siblings passionate with the element of water, keen swimmers, experienced divers and certified skippers. “My brother choose to live his life in the sea as he became in an early stage of his career a certified diver and IDC stuff instructor gaining lots of underwater experiences, while I always loved the sea but my profession kept me away as I practice law for the last 36 years, having my own law firm that operates in Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Patra, Volo, Agrinio, Alexandroupoli and other major Greek cities.” says Angeliki Lalousi, Managing Partner of Mediterra Yachts.


We are certified skippers, that selected the Ionian sea to unravel our passion and to create a high end sailing solution for all travelers across the world. Our luxury yacht sailing services will amaze you. The amazing seawater, the slow and pleasant winds will offer you idyllical yachting experiences. “Mediterra Yachts is a fulfillment of my longtime dream as a child to enjoy the sea water whilst combining it with luxury lifestyle and all the amenities that premium yachts can offer…

Enjoy sea and give others the opportunity to enjoy it also.” Our company offers sailing yachts, motor yachts and catamarans for charter and private use. The experienced professionals of Mediterra Yachts team will offer the necessary guidance in order for you to charter the best possible solution for your sailing experience in Greece. With its own captain and crew, our vessels and our team will offer you the perfect cruise for you and your guests, whilst giving you the chance to intimately explore the beautiful islands of Ionian Sea in Greece. With luxurious details, efficiency and performance, our vessels will impress you for sure, with their great design, functionality and craftsmanship complement, will make the perfect yachts for entertaining you.

We provide you with a team of professionals at your service, so that you will definitely enjoy an exceptional vacation experience. Enjoy picturesque views of the Greek Islands as you cruise in our chic yachts. An ideal option for your next trip at sea! Discover our yachts and book your ideal vacation.


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