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5 Greek “Caribbean” beaches that are heaven on earth (photos)

The Caribbean may be famous for its crystal clear waters, but Greece can easily compare with its own exotic beaches along its many island coasts.

Greek beaches with Caribbean waters surrounded by lush green almost touching the sea. Scattered in many parts of the country, but mainly in the Ionian Sea in the west of the country they are the ideal spot to “escape’ to the Caribbean.

A small bay with shallow, crystalline, turquoise waters with the vegetation descending to the sea and the beach buried in the background with white sand and pebbles. This is the Voutoumi beach in Antipaxos. Apart from the waters that have nothing to envy from the Caribbean sea, a feature that makes this beach stand out is the vegetation, with the cypresses reaching to the sand.

A beach that has entranced many a tourists, who keep on coming back for more. It is the pink beach of Greece as it has a pink sand colour that you will probably won’t find anywhere else in the world. It is the famous Balos in Crete. White fine sand and turquoise waters are the first image your eyes are fixed on. You will see this magical image of the crystal clear waters of the sea and the pink sand on another beach in Crete, in Elafonissi. This is a special shade of sand that has been created because of the thousands of broken shells. You will literally think you have been transported across the pond.

The exotic Bella Vraka connects Sivota with the islet of Mourtemenos and is a sight to behold. It is again located in the west coast of Greece opposite the island of Corfu. It looks like paradise on earth, and has not one but two beaches. They are separated by a narrow, completely turquoise sea strip.  From one exotic beach to another you can go for a walk in the water, as the level barely reaches knee height.

It is no coincidence that this beach is called the Seychelles of Ikaria. It is the aquamarine of Ikaria, an island in the Aegean Sea. It was actually formed several years ago by the rockslide during the opening of a tunnel to create a road to and from the village of Magganitis. It is an exotic beach as its name implies.Its white sand, blue waters and impressive rocks that surround it create an idyllic environment! The beach has a mixture of fine pebbles and sand and is completely unspoilt. In addition to the beauty you see at first glance, Seychelles Beach has many underwater caves. Truly an incredible sight…