Why choose Ionian instead Aegean islands?

One of the most obvious differences between the Ionian and Aegean is the colour of the waters. The Aegean is deep blue while the Ionian is often a beautiful turquoise in colour.

But for the Greek yacht charter sailor things go a bit deeper than that.

1.Winds in Ionian

Simply put, the Ionian has the Bora wind that rises first thing in the morning in summer to a maximum of a Force 4-5 and eases in the evening shortly after you have moored up.

While there will always be exceptions due to Climate Change, you will find that the Ionianis a more comfortable sail for less experienced sailors.
For the Ionian yacht charter sailor the experience will be as memorable for the shorebased experiences as those on the water.

2.Cosmopolitan Islands
For those who live ‘in the now’, you could go to the Ionian or Aegean and find just what you need.

There are oceans of booze and sunshine to be found across both!
On the Ionian you have the towns and cities of Corfu and Kefalonia. The Pink Palace is a nightclub complex in Corfu Town that has a reputation that may draw many a sailor who has been at sea too long. However, the Ionian islands are very laid back and more suited to those who may enjoy a little too much wine or ouzo of an evening but won’t be disappointed if they are asleep in their bunks just after midnight.

3.Old Culture
Greece’s history goes back thousands of years and our islands have been dominated by different armies of occupation throughout history. The Ionian islands have been ruled by different European empires, while the Ottomans had control of much of the Aegeanuntil relatively recently. Some islands have had a little bit of everything! Those who have ruled over the islands have left their footprints in the local cultures of the islands you visit.

You will find a lot of Middle Eastern culture and foods in the Aegean due to the Ottomans (who also ruled over some of the Ionian islands) but the Ionian islands have a lot of British and Italian flavours. This is not to say you will see a lot of ‘greasy spoon cafes’ in the Ionian islands – you will see some of the better things the Brits left behind!

The islands on both seas have their own hyper-local cultures that define them from one another. The Ionian islands are known in Greek as Eptanissa – in Greek, ‘epta’ means ‘seven’ while ‘nissa’ means ‘islands. The Ionian islands the ‘Seven Islands’. The Ionian/ Eptanissan islands have a particular culinary culture that includes the dishes savoro fish, sofrito, and pastitsada. Do try to taste these as you travel – they will really show you what the Ionians are about.

If you are offered ouzo with your mezedes before lunch, then try it – a sip of this quintessentially Greek liquorice spirit is a perfect accompaniment with fish, including grilled shrimp and fried octopus. This is descended from a Greek fishermen’s tradition of enjoying their watered down, cloudy ouzowith a piece of fish before lunch.


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