Τips for sustainable development in sea and oceans

We surely are passionate lovers of the sea and if you are here surfing in Mediterra Yachts blog so are you. So why can’t we protect the oceans from the pollution that we humans are causing? Below follow some tips about what can and cannot go in the water during our cruise with the beautiful Catamaran Lagoon 42 “Dioni”:

Plastic and other oil products should always go in the waste.

Cigarette butts:They fall to pieces but end up in the food chain.

Hygiene products… such as nappies, baby wipes and women’s sanitary products should be kept for the waste ashore. If they stink? Tie them up in a bag so the smell doesn’t get out.

Glass: It should be recycled or kept in a bag to go to the dump ashore.

The same applies to any metals such as beer cans, food tins and tinfoil.

Liquids: Look carefully at any liquids before they go into the water. Again, ask yourself whether you would eat it or swim in it? However the detergents that you use to clean yourself, the boat and in your daily chores can go in – there really is no way of stopping it!

Oil slick: If you see an oil slick forming in the water when your engine is running, you could have problems with your engine so make contact with us to get it checked out.

Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility and in order to enjoy our seas we must treat them with respect.